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Spay/Neuter Application

  1. Are you currently eligible for one of the following?*
    *Including minor children living in the home.
  2. Medicaid card, copy of WIC voucher, letter with dates of eligibility for food stamps.
  3. Type Animal*
  4. Sex*
  5. Pre-Anesthesia Blood Screen Required
    If your dog is 6 years of age or older, your pet must have a pre-anesthetic blood screening done prior to scheduling an appointment because dogs of that age are considered geriatric. Contact us at 704-878-5424 for more information.
  6. Additional Fees

    There may be additional fees if there are complications with surgery or if the pet needs medication. Post-op pain management is available for a small additional fee. We recommend post-op pain management for all pets.

  7. Additional services available (Dogs only)
    Payment for these services are payable after surgery.
  8. Such as drivers license, state issued ID, etc.
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