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Iredell County Animal Services Rescue Partner Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Organization Information
  4. 4. Contact Information
  5. 5. Authorized Personnel
  6. 6. References
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  • Step One

      Application Information and Instructions
    2. Iredell County’s Animal Services Department (ICAS) process more than 4,000 lost and unwanted animals each year. Unfortunately, not all the animals will be eligible for immediate adoption. Those arriving with serious medical conditions or displaying fractious or aggressive behavior may have a better chance of being adopted if released to a qualified rescue partner who can improve the animal’s condition. In order to keep the shelter population at a minimum, some very adoptable animals may be offered to qualified rescue partners as well.
    3. Qualified rescue organizations having a current 501(c)3 status that have the ability and knowledge to participate as a rescue partner whose purpose and goal is to help rescue animals from the shelter, must first complete this application and return it to:
    4. Email
    5. Snail Mail
      Iredell County Animal Services, Attn: Rescue Partner Coordinator, 430 Bristol Dr., Statesville, NC 28677
    6. • All applicants must be a current 501(c)3 organization
    7. • Have all appropriate licenses required by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, and any other federal, state or local agencies
    8. • Correspondence about rescue program updates, special events, and urgent bulletins are distributed via e-mail
    9. Supporting Documentation
      These supporting documents must be attached when submitting your application.