Land Records & Mapping Division

The Land Records / Mapping Department uses a collection of computer technology, orthophotography, and land records to update and maintain the County’s property records.

This collection of base maps, land features, and values are used to compile our Geographic Information System (GIS). With this system, tracts of land are assigned Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN) which geographically locates that property. This PIN is then used by other county departments to update and maintain the parcel information such as:
  • Acreage
  • Owner
  • Value
  • Zoning
Our maps are the basis of information on which many other departments rely. For example: E-911 addressing, along with Planning and Zoning, utilizes the GIS system daily to conduct their various duties. Our staff members develop and maintain the Land Records/Mapping system, as well as assist the general public.

More Information
For more information about Land Records / Mapping or help with any mapping need, please contact our office at 704-878-3137, or visit our department.