Community Health Worker Program

The COVID-19 Community Health Outreach Program is offering their services to the public through partnerships with businesses, churches, and community organizations. All services are offered free of charge.

For more information, or to inquire about utilizing our program services, please contact our COVID-19 Community Health Outreach Coordinator:


Tiana Hernandez

Community Health Outreach Coordinator

Iredell County Health Department

318 Turnersburg HWY Statesville, NC 28625

Office: 704-761-2450
Mobile: 704-437-7522

 Services offered:

  • On-site COVID-19 and Vaccination Education sessions
    1. Q&A sessions included in all presentations
    2. Presentations offered in English and Spanish
  • On-site COVID-19 vaccination clinic
    1. 1st & 2nd dose clinics
    2. Booster dose clinics
    3. When businesses allow, we also accommodate vaccination of employee family members on-site
  • Educational materials
    1. Fliers, leaflets, and pamphlets (provided in English and Spanish)
    2. Video for workplace Computer Based Learning/Training (in production)
  • Consulting
    1. Employee surveys to assess attitudes about vaccination
    2. Changes to COVID-19 protocols and procedures
    3. Changes in isolation and quarantine guidelines